Weekend in a Nutshell

Oh look! They shoved my entire weekend in a nutshell!

Well, it did seem that short.

It was GirlSpawn’s birthday on Friday… She turned the big 1-1! Much celebration was made and gifts were given but not to excess. I do find myself incredibly jealous of her Kindle Touch but that is because I love gadgets and I have yet to have one. In fact, I find myself waffling every day.

Purchase a Kindle Fire… Don’t purchase a Kindle Fire… Order one online… go to local retailer and buy one… Do I really need a Kindle Fire? I have a laptop and a smart phone… the screen is small on my smartphone… the laptop seems so big compared to the Fire… 

This has gone on for months. It resembles the iPhone debate of 2009/2010 that ended with my purchasing a refurbished iPhone that I also applied my phone upgrade from my service provider.

I no longer have the iPhone.

Thus you see why I am questioning the Kindle Fire. This internal debate cannot last long however since my father has threatened to buy me one for my birthday (well, threatened me not to buy one before my birthday).

Can I wait that long? Will I continue to waffle? Will I just say screw it and start hefting around hardbacks from the discount bin at B&N?