I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of food pictures a la hipster style…

Just wanted you to know that winter is coming… Like you were completely unaware. This means new recipes that require turning on the oven! I might as well start taking pictures like the hipsters I see in restaurants. Yes, I am a hipster myself but I like calling us out collectively. I may even get an Instagram account….


It may also include super yummy things from the crockpot.. I don’t know but it may or may not include bacon… Mmmmm, bacon.

Debating making Braided Spaghetti Bread. It means a trip to the store but so does anything else I want to cook.

I think the current leftovers are getting lonely and need a new friend…


Look What I Made! – The Bacon Chicken Edition

Okay, I admit, this was not accomplished alone. It most definitely takes two people to weave raw bacon into a sweater for a raw chicken. The boyfriend was more than happy to help me accomplish this amazing feat with very little convincing since it did involve bacon after all. It is not often that I say, “Hey look at what I found on the Interwebz! We should totally do this!” and he replies with, “That’s a great idea!” Our conversations go more like this:

Him: We should get a ferret.

Me: Ferrets stink.

Him: But they are so cool.

Me: No.

Him: Okay… Can I get a segway?

*The ferret and the segway conversations have happened on many occasions but not always together.*

So yeah, there we were wrapping our chicken in bacon but we were hard core. There would be no toothpicks to secure our bacon to the chicken so the layering of bacon had to be to the utmost of perfection.

Bacon Chicken

In it's raw and lovely state

I think we pretty much nailed it. 

I have to confess that in my excitement to feast on this beauty bacon-chicken, there are no after pictures. I do, however, still have “after” heart burn. The bacon grease that was in the bottom of the pan fried the bottom of the chicken as well, making the entire bird taste like bacon.

The verdict? Bacon-wrapped chicken is pretty cool if you have some time on your hands or really want to impress Aunt Ida at the family reunion/potluck/speed dating, but I don’t know if I would attempt it again unless I had an extra pound and a half of bacon laying around that I can’t put to better use…. but yes, Virginia, you can wrap a chicken in bacon.